ubisend and Telegram. Your customers talking to you through the messaging app they love.




Telegram is one of the easiest messaging application to integrate with ubisend. You can be setup to send and receive messages in less than an hour.


How to add Telegram to ubisend:


Open your Telegram account in any application (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android etc.)


Search for the user 'botfather' and it a message. This is the Telegram auomated bot creation tool.


When botfather has joined your chat type /newbot and follow the guide from botfather.


You will receive a token. Make sure you take note of this, along with the name you give your bot.


Now login to ubisend and navigate to the 'integrations' page.


Find Telegram and click on 'Connect Now'




Enter the token you received and the name of your bot and click 'save'.




You should see that your Telegram integration has been verfied.




You're all done. Head back to Telegram and send a message to your bot. You'll automagically see it appear in your ubisend messages page.