A campaign can have as many messages as you like, the sky is the limit.

Don't worry about choosing how your campaign message will be delivered (i.e. SMS, Facebook Messenger etc). The ubisend platform takes care of all that and sends the type of message your subscriber wants automagically.


You can use variable data in your campaign messages, such as their first name. If you use a variable in a message and there's no associated information for a subscriber than the message will be sent with no variable data. As an example, is you send "Hi ," and there's no first name than the message will be sent like "Hi,".


Messages in a campaign are scheduled to send a certain number of days from a particular event, most people use the point at which a subscriber joins a list as that event. Contact us if you want to use other things, such as a subscribers birthday or any other data variable you receive from them.

How to add a message to a campaign:

  1. Log into your ubisend account, on the left navigation click "SEND"
  2. If you don't already have a campaign, on the right hand side of the screen click the orange button "New Campaign"
    1. Follow these instructions on how to create a new campaign.
  3. If you already have a campaign, click the name of the campaign.
    1. The next screen will show you the details of the campaign, if you need to you, can change the campaign settings here.
  4. On the right hand side of the edit campaign screen towards the top you'll find a blue button called "Add new message". Click this.
  5. You add the details of the message on the left hand side of this screen.
    1. Name your campaign message in the top box - if you're planning on adding lots of messages it's worth thinking about how you name your messages so you can quickly find and edit them later.
    2. Compose your message in the box below - don't forget you can use variables and if you're sending via SMS, going over 160 characters will send multiple messages.
    3. The next box allows you to choose how many days after the campaign is triggered this message will send. If you've left the settings at default it will be how many days after someone joins the list that this campaign is attached to.
    4. Next choose the time that you want this message to be sent - remember that it follows the time zone you selected in the campaign settings.
    5. When you're happy, click the blue button called "Save".
    6. Job done, repeat as many times as you like to add more messages.


IMPORTANT - whenever you add, edit or delete a message in a campaign it will automatically pause the campaign. Head back to the main campaign settings screen to start the campaign back up.