Communicate across all connected messaging applications from one place


The ubisend mobile messaging platform is designed to allow you to communicate with your audience across all messaging applications and/or SMS.

By integrating your messaging account(s) with ubisend you'll be able to talk through all the messaging applications your company uses, all in one place. Create, edit and send messages, receive replies from the audience and engage in two-way conversation and create campaigns that deliver messages over time or reacting to audience replies.

Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Viber, KiK, Telegram, Skype, Nimbuzz, Slack and, of course, SMS are either available to connect, or coming soon.

It's important to note that ubisend doesn't own, manage or responsible for your messaging application account. Your company creates the account with the messaging application provider and goes through the application process. We have guides and tools to help you through the application process, we just want to make it clear that you own everything you do. Our platform brings all your conversations into one place.

Use example:

1. Paul is a keen blogger. He has a healthy email subscriber list but is finding that fewer people are opening and clicking the links in his emails. He decides to connect his Facebook fan page to ubisend to send updates to readers via their Facebook Messenger accounts. Paul goes through the Facebook Messenger application process and connects his account to ubisend. Now, whenever he writes a new blog post he logs into ubisend, writes a quick message which includes a unique, and trackable, link to the blog post and sends it to his Facebook Messenger subscribers. This message cost nothing to send.

2. Emma runs an e-commerce store. On the purchase complete page, there's a function where shoppers can choose to get delivery updates via SMS. Emma currently sends around 18,000 SMS a month at a cost of $8,078 per year. Emma connects her Facebook account to ubisend, and on the purchase complete pages gives the option for people to get the delivery updates via their Facebook Messenger account. Her customers already use Facebook Messenger and prefer to use this over SMS. Every time someone elects to receive the messages via Facebook Messenger Emma saves money.