They are a bit like automated email campaigns mixed with social media, but mobile messaging style!


A campaign is a series of messages sent over a period of time. Generally, they're triggered when a subscriber joins your list - they're a bit like email nurture campaigns, but mobile messaging style!

Messages are sent using the variable of days, i.e. x days after a subscriber joins my list send them this message and after xx days send them this one.

More than one message can be sent on any day and messages can be scheduled to be delivered at set times during the day.

Campaigns have SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE keyword that you can change to be anything you like. These keywords are one of the ways people can join your campaign. As an example:

  • You create a campaign with the subscribe keyword as HELLO. Whenever someone messages your third-party messaging account or SMS telephone number with that word, they'll be automatically added to your campaign.
  • You create a campaign with the unsubscribe keyword as END. Whenever someone messages your third-party messaging account or SMS telephone number with that world, they'll be automatically removed from the campaign.

Use example:

  1. Dave runs an online training course. He wants his customers to learn certain things on certain days after joining his course. Dave creates a campaign that triggers when someone joins his course. He writes a series of messages that contain the information he wants to send along with links to the training material on his site. Those messages are sent to his students on the exact day and time that they have asked for them. It's all sent automatically, Dave does nothing.
  2. Sarah is a dentist and has 2,000 patients on her books. She knows her patients would have much better oral hygiene if they came along to see her every 6 months and flossed regularly. Sarah creates a campaign of messages that remind her patients to floss twice a week and send a couple of reminders to book and come along for their checkup. Sarah's budget is tight so she elects to only send messages via Facebook Messenger as it doesn't cost anything. Because of the reminders, most of her patients now come back every 6 months rather than 2 years, and their oral hygiene has noticeably improved.

There you go - you know now what campaigns are for - why don't you read on and learn how to create a message campaign?